Rio Grande Stables

New Mexico Horseback Rides



Join Rio Grande Stables & Far Flung Adventures for this legendary Horseback, Hiking & River Combo Adventure!


Ride Horseback across the Cebolla Mesa, the plateau that famously inspired the Taos Art Colony. And then descend into the Deepest Part of the Rio Grande Gorge & Del Norte National Monument to the banks of the Rio Grande.


Begin your day at 8:30 am at the Rio Grande Stables Headquarters where you will meet your horseback guides and mounts! 

Here you will be given a short riding lesson before heading out. From this point, experience sweeping landscapes stretching across the Taos Plateau, viewing up to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and back across to the Brazos and Tusas Mountains in the west. Ride across history to the Rio Grande Gorge overlook.


After a couple of hours in the saddle, dismount at the top of the Cebolla Mesa Trail and meet your raft guides, who have prepared a fresh, homemade meal for you. While enjoying this energizing feast, the rafting equipment will be packed onto horses and mules in preparation for the mile-long descent from the canyons rim to the river's edge.


The (30 minute) hike into the Gorge will offer an interesting exploration of local ecosystems as we leave the sagebrush and juniper grasslands at the rim of the Gorge and come into tall pine, native spruce and various fir trees of the canyon; leading eventually, to the river’s edge.


We launch at the mouth of the Red River Canyon where the Red River joins the Rio Grande. We begin our 9-mile river experience at one of the deepest parts of the gorge, and continue through the heart of the Wild and Scenic section of the Rio Grande National Monument, one of the newest on our nation’s roster of protected lands.


Arrive back to your vehicle around 5:00 pm                  .


Season: May through September

Horseback Riding is offered late May through September.

River Paddling:  From April to June, it’s a raucous and splashy class ll-III ride and a wonderful all day activity for those looking for a personal acquaintance with isolated wilderness. At mid-summer’s lower flows, the Middle Box is a challenging Funyak experience. 


Riding & Paddling:

We welcome first timers and practiced horseback riders and rafters 10 years of age and older.  Everyone should be in normal good health and prepared for the moderate exertion of the day.


Participants may be riding horses or mules. All river trips are run with paddle boats or inflatable kayaks (Funyaks) for the more adventuresome. No experience is necessary for all activities. There will be a Wrangler on all rides and a guide will accompany each raft. Funyaks will be operated by individual paddlers at a guide/client ratio determined by the water level. The wranglers and guides will provide professional safety and practical instruction throughout the day.



Adult $225.00   Child $200.00 Deposit 50%

Minimum 2-4 depending on season and/or availability

Ages 10 years old and above

For more information, please call 1-800-887-4331 today!