Rio Grande Stables

New Mexico Horseback Rides

Where We Ride

All Rides Originate at our Headquarters off NM Hwy 522 just past Mile Marker 15.

La Lama Hills

Conveniently join us at our headquarters for a gentle ride through foothill piñon-juniper forests.  Although we don’t have the space for long rides, our one hour trip is spectacular, winding through the forest before ending at a viewpoint with amazing vistas of the Taos valley and western mountains.


Red River Fish Hatchery

Follow us to our trail head just off the Fish Hatchery road.  Here we begin a trip that moves through forests of ponderosa and juniper and eventually reaches a hill with local area views.  One and two hour trips have plenty of variety, and while suitable for beginners, also offer a bit more of a challenge.  You can also drive down and visit the trout hatchery after your ride—feeding the fish is always a treat, especially for the young (and young at heart) members of the group!


Cebolla Mesa

Conveniently located just across the highway from our headquarters, Cebolla Mesa is your place for wide open space.  This gently rolling landscape of sagebrush, dotted with groves of juniper, piñon, and ponderosa, always smells lovely!  Our two hour or sunset trail generally includes a visit to the Red River Gorge overlook.  On our longer rides, our route follows the Red River Gorge as well as the Rio Grande Gorge, with truly impressive views into the gorges and across the landscape on the west side.  If you want to see more of the Gorge, this is the location for you!


Taos Ski Valley

Beginning in July (so we don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow), we ride the amazing Bull of the Woods trail in the Taos Ski Valley.  Eventually climbing to over 13,000 feet, this trail passes through pine and aspen forests and the occasional alpine meadow.  Shorter rides will give you streams, forest, and wildflowers; longer rides will have views over Red River and the Ski Valley.  Our all day rides give you the chance to move up above tree line, and possibly to the highest point in New Mexico!


Please plan to arrive at Our Headquarters at NM Hwy 522 just past Mile Marker 15 least 30 minutes before your scheduled ride time.

Mornings and late afternoons can still be cool, so layer your clothing accordingly. Light weight rain gear is recommended. Bring 1-2 Liters of water per person, and we will provide bags for you to place that in along with anything else you might want to take. We discourage backpacks or fanny pack. Long pants and closed toe shoes are a must; no sandals. Thank you for choosing Rio Grande Stables!




Join Rio Grande Stables & Far Flung Adventures for this rewarding Horseback, Hiking & River Combo Adventure!

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